Podcast Services


Need audio describing your product or service? A hosted interview is a great structure for your information. We’ll work with you to create a series of questions with a beginning, middle, and to form a narrative.


After the recording is finished we’ll:

  • Combine tracks
  • Reduce background noise
  • Tighten up gaps in conversation
  • Remove audible inhalations
  • Remove stalling words, such as “Um” and “Uh”


With Voice over Internet services such as Skype an interview can be conducted anywhere with bandwidth. But compressed digital phone calls can sound grainy and robotic. We’ll record both sides of the conversation and combine them in the Mastering phase.


After everything sounds good, we’ll edit down the conversation to the essential parts, removing redundant questions and answers.

An Example of Podcast Mastering

This is the first episode of the Big Talk/Small Business Podcast. The only mic Adam has was a cellphone headset. So it can only sound so good, but I still reduced the background noise and edited out 3 minutes of extraneous content; stalling words, breathes, false starts, etc.