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Milazzo Media Services

WordPress Development for Individuals, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits

Any business, enterprise, or other endeavor needs a presence on the web, but you lack the time or expertise to make it happen. That’s where I come in. I’ll get your site up and running using the tried and true WordPress content management system. A system that can grow, change, or shift with your requirements.

All of my sites include:



In the information age, the blog is the premier means of information distribution. I can make you blog the centerpiece of your site, or a feature on the side. It’s your call. If you opt to include a blog on your site I’ll provide two hours of training; formatting, structure, uploading media, and publication.

Email Integration

There are a number of ways to connect an email address with a WordPress site, and the easiest way is rarely the best. I’ll connect your site to your Outlook, Gmail, or other SMTP address.



Search Engine Optimization is what puts your site on Google’s front page or even at the top. I’ll put the technology in place to give you the edge and boost your online profile.

Initial Setup

I’ll set you up on a host, claim your URL, install and configure WordPress on your site with my recommended plugins, and import up to twelve pages of content including images.

Theme Consultation

There are an overwhelming number of themes out there and you’re not sure which one is right for you. After a consultation, I’ll research and suggest three that meet your needs.

Social Media Integration

You don’t own your Twitter account, or your Facebook, or your Instagram. I’ll use your social media accounts to drive traffic to the one thing you have total control over, your website.


It’s better to build walls than rebuild after an exploit. If you’re on the web you’re at risk. I’ll harden your site against attack.

We also provide specialty services at an hourly rate. Such as:


There are a number of Shopping Carts and other eCommerce solutions for your small business. We’ll suggest a solution to match your needs and integrate it into your site.


Software is constantly being updated and for integrity and security you’ll need someone to stay on top of these updates. With our maintenance subscription we’ll make sure your updates are made within 72 hours.

Custom Themes

You have a specific vision in mind, but can’t find an established theme that meets your expectations. After a consultation, we’ll custom design a theme to your specifications.

Let's make your vision a reality


Dinks Barbershop

Dinks Barbershop & Supply

Dink’s was a small business whose online presence consisted of Instagram and Schedulicity. I integrated their existing services into their new homepage and expanded their reach through social media and SEO.

The Xtina Files

The Xtina Files

The client had a very specific look that she wanted for her media review site. I replicated the look she was going for using the Divi theme.

Luth Research

Luth Research

The corporate website of a former employer. This is where I realized that WordPress had far more potential than I’d previous believed. I was able to add all the functionality that the marketing department wanted, and hardened the site’s security and stability using the wide range of off the shelf solutions WwordPress has to offer.